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Gain time and save costs by outsourcing accounts payable processing to eDatapings. Majority of Forwarding and Logistics companies like you, are operating with wafer thin margins. Then, why would you want to incur high costs, consume more time and deploy more resources in Accounts Payable processing. Outsourcing accounts payables to eDatapings delivers 65% more efficiency across the Invoice Receipt to Payment cycle. eDatapings combines process optimisation, analytics and solutions to effectively automate the AP function. A combination of imaging hardware, software, skilled team along with intuitive archiving, analytics and dashboards, transform thousands of invoices (originating as paper or scan images) into systematically extracted, validated and real-time data.

Key benefits

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eDatapings combine process optimisation, analytics, and solutions to drive higher impact by enabling a more effective AP function. eDatapings outsourcing services encompass end-to-end AP processes, including:

eDatapings helps your Logistics & Forwarding business streamline their AP process and derive the following benefits

Improve Productivity

Improves the overall health of the AP process by ensuring that information delivered to the ERP is relevant and qualitative. Reducing time lost in error rectifications. Moreover physical paper-based processes and manual processes are streamlined to bring about standardization of process flows.

Improve Visibility

Provide process visibility, clearing out bottlenecks and enabling faster exception resolution.

Optimizing the use of Cash

Making payments to vendors systematically ensures metric based allocation of cash flow , helping in predicting cash requirements.

Driving value based associations

Enable your business to negotiate discount terms and better credit terms with suppliers and vendors.

Improve Supplier / Vendor relations

Enabling timely payments and also allowing vendors across geographical locations to keep a status track on their invoice submissions.

Improve Cost efficiencies

By reducing incidents of penalties on late payments. Brings down overhead costs and moreover reducing errors through prevents financial penalties as well as loss of your corporate reputation.